Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Start: Day 3

A new start, you ask? Whither Days 1 and 2, you ask?

I'll explain later. But I want to put SOMETHING down, so here it is.

On Monday, I went to the gym. Stretching. Two minutes on the elliptical, a mile on the recombitant bike, a walk around the 1/8th mile track to work out the pain in my foot, and then another two minutes or so on the elliptical.

Nothing special, but special enough to leave slow-release soreness on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, no work-out and some bad food choices.

Today, I caved and had Pop-tarts as a snack. And a big chocolate chip Jimmy John's cookie that a coworker gave me later. I'm going to the gym tonight.

ALSO: Tuesday's are going to be my weigh-in day, but I missed it yesterday, so here's my data:

Week 1 Starting Weight: 501.6 lbs.

Talk to you tomorrow.