Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 37 Weigh-in

Starting weight: 505.4 lbs
Week 31 Weight: 463.6 lbs
Week 31 Change: -2.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 41.8 lbs


The comment's been made, and I think it's fair, that my blogging "voice" tends toward persuasion. I want you to believe what I'm saying is true.  And I can promise you that when I write, what I'm writing is sincere.  So I want you to hear what I'm saying now, and I want you to believe it:

Losing weight, and losing a large amount of weight, is really, really hard.  It's really frustrating.

And it's really easy to lose sight of the goal. It's really easy to compromise. It's really easy to lose hope.  It's easy to convince yourself that an extra piece of candy or an extra spoonful of tikka masala is totally okay, and won't make a difference.

It's easy to lie to yourself. 

I want to stay upbeat. And I can always claim the fact that, unlike past weight loss attempts that usually had a shelf-life of about 6 months before fading out, after almost 9 months, I've still maintained a 40lb weight loss. That's all well and good. But it's still only 20% of my goal.  I have a long way to go.

For some reason, I got on my old Youtube channel and watched the vlogs I shot over a year ago, the last time I tried to lose weight and failed.  It's interesting hearing your own voice say all the things you know you need to hear.

I really don't have a conclusion or final point.  This is hard, gang. And I started off the week badly.  If I can't be very controlled and get in at least 2-3 workouts, I may post a gain.  I'm so tired of being on the yo-yo again.

[Insert peppy rah-rah final thought here]

Friday, March 2, 2012

Brief Catch-up Post

Yes, I've been a lousy fit-blogger.  No excuse for that.

Here's the run-down, in about 60 seconds:
  • Since I checked in last, I've had a net gain of 5 pounds. Current logged weight: 466.
  • Not sure how tomorrow's going to go, but I have no reason to think it won't go well.
  • I'll try to get back to regular posting in the next week or so.
  • Tomorrow marks 4 weeks until Mudder Dash. I'm concerned, to say the least...

Happy Friday, all.