Monday, August 3, 2009

This is not another failed start.

I've started and stopped exercise and diet regimens a dozen times over the life of this blog.

That's all changing.

I'm tired of starting and stopping, trying and failing.

That's over.

This is the new dave. The new day.

I'm still not 100% on my diet. I'm getting there.

I'm still on track with my exercise. I'm getting better.

In six months, I'm going to participate in a half-marathon. Barring injury, I'll be doing a full marathon a year after that.

Welcome to the new blog. The Waddling Bison blog.

Who's ready to waddle with me?


B Lines said...

You are inspiring. I will never be able to run a quarter, half or whole marathon, due to foot pain, but I've joined the local gym, and have decided to do the best I can, choosing healthier meals and snacks. I will keep up with your progress and in doing so, maybe it will keep me going... good luck Dave.

Dave said...

Do it, B! And keep me posted on how it's going. I'm holding you to it, lady!