Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update: Week 1 and following

Weigh-in on Monday, January 8: 442.0
Weekly Loss: 7.5 pounds
Total Loss: 7.5 pounds

You know, this week has been hard for me, because I've been cheating on the diet quite a bit. I just got really hungry the past two days, and haven't had any good alternatives at home, so I've been eating bad things. Peanut butter sandwiches. Cap'n Crunch cereal. Part of the problem is that these bad options have been available to me.

So much of our lives, we struggle to make good choices, to embrace the good and healthy, to shun the bad and unhealthy. But if the bad we want to shun is within arms' reach, and it was our own weak wills that caused us to choose poorly in the first place, what makes us think that our will is now strong enough to choose the good?

While it doesn't make permanent behavioral change, in the short term it's better to remove that which tempts, until the will is strong enough to resist on its own.

So bye-bye Cap'n. And so long, sweet, tasty peanut butter. I love you, but you're holding me back. I've got a mission.

Confession: Last night I went to Taco Cabana and had a Chicken Fajita Cabana bowl (that's right--rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, and the fried tortilla shell) and two large Dr. Pepper's. I woke up with heartburn, which I think is God's way of saying, "Dude, enough with the crappy food."

My hopes for next week's weigh-in are low, I'll admit. I'm gonna have to be pretty awesome diet-wise to show any losses, I think. But I'm also going to start the new workout in the next few days, so that should help. Okay, maybe I'll start it tonight. Yes, tonight. Before "Smallville." I love my Smallville.

I need to pick up a Weight Watchers cookbook, because I'm getting bored already, foodwise. I need some ideas.

Anyway. There's your update, non-existent readers. Giddyup.

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