Monday, January 22, 2007

Update: Week 3

Weigh-In on Monday: 441.2 pounds
Weekly Loss: -3.8 pounds
Total Loss: 8.3 pounds


Yeah, a negative loss is a gain. Dang it.

It was a difficult week. I didn't Point my food pretty much all week, and I did a lot of stress-eating. Comfort food. Chocolate milk. Little chocolate donuts.

Plus, I had pizza yesterday. A lot of pizza. More than half of a pizza.

I'm having trouble committing to this, partly because I'm not sure what the next few months are going to hold. I'll explain shortly.

At any rate, this is a down day, and I'm trying to find my footing.

Dieting is hard. Discipline is hard. But the payoff will be worth it. Even if the "now" sucketh.

I'll close with a quote from that wise philosopher, Red Foreman: "Work is hard. That's why they call it 'work.' Otherwise, they'd call it...'happy fun time.' "

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