Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 3 Update: Bacon is baaaaad.

Starting Weight: 477.4 lbs
Week 3 Weigh-in: 465.6 lbs
Weekly Loss: 5.5 lbs
Total Loss: 11.8 lbs


Another five and a half gone. You'd think I'd be a little more excited about this than I am. I don't know. I don't think I'll actually start getting "excited" until there are visible changes, which probably won't be for another month at this rate.

(Speaking of visible changes, I need to get a haircut. Wakka wakka wakka. Nevermind.)

I have a few concerns at this point. One is that I may be undereating. Ha ha, yeah, I know, right? But I've been hit with some really serious hunger pains this week, as well as the occassional weakness issues (similar to when I've fasted). I wonder if I should take the slower-loss approach the WW website recommends, and eat all of the points I'm allotted, including the bonus bank of points each week. I've gotten scolded twice by the website for losing weight too fast.

Yet, when you're as big as I am, you can't afford to do this 2 pounds a week business. It will take forever, and I don't want it to. I want to get healthy as soon as I possibly can, and while I'm obviously not starving myself, I'm probably not eating quite as much as I'm allowed some days. I don't know. It's a balancing act. I don't want to commit to this half-way. If I'm gonna do it, then I'm gonna really do it, you know? No more messing around; my health is too important now.

I did okay this week. Went over a few days, but if I was going to go over, I tried to pick better things to go over with. This is where shopping wisely is paramount. If you don't have crap on hand, you won't eat crap. Kind of makes sense. I left about 15 points in the bank. As I said, not sure if that was good or not.

As for the title: bacon is pretty bad for me, one of the fattiest meats. But I had a package of center-cut bacon in the fridge, so I decided to fry it up and split it with my dad, who was over that night. That way, I'm only eating half of it. I mixed mine with eggs and cheese, and spooned the scrambled goodness in some half-pitas with a little bit of honey mustard. Tasty.

However, that bacon sat on my stomach like a brick all night, and into the next day. And I said to myself, "Self--bacon does not agree with your digestion. Stay away from bacon." And I said, "You know what, self? That's an astute observation. You know, you're a pretty sharp cat." And I said, "Why thank you, self. I appreciate that coming from someone with such distinguished taste." And I replied, blushing, "Oh, go on, now you're just being flattering." But I retorted, "No, self, I am quite sincere. You're a pretty righteous dude, and it's a privilege to know you." And I smiled winningly and responded, "Believe me, self, the privilege is mine." And so on and so forth for a half-hour longer.

So what have we learned this week? I'm alarmingly self-assured. And bacon is bad.

Weekly goals: Aside from the usual stuff, I need to work on incorporating more activity into my day. I only got to the gym once this past week, for a 25 minute cardio session. I need to make this more of a habit. Of course, this week will be difficult, since I'm house-and-sister-sitting for the folks for half the week. But hopefully I can take advantage of that great track around my parent's house called a...what was it? ... Oh yeah, "sidewalk."

Okay then. I'll keep you posted. Happy eating, but no bacon.


David said...

Keep it up, Dave.

And, yeah, don't eat bacon. This summer I witnessed--on many occassions--pigs fighting among each other to eat fresh excrement. The warmer the better, I guess. And, if you had to relieve yourself at the edge of town ("Nixixmiki ya onihkwah yei yetlaxkahli!"), you would squat with a rock in your fist, arm poised to strike at any pigs looking for the freshest food available.

They're smart, but they're also a little disgusting.

Trevor said...

Dave, I believe in you!

Kim said...

I know what you mean. My body also rejects a big greasy meal when I've been eating mostly low-fat for a while. On the up side it's an incentive to keep up the pattern.

FYI, some stuff I learned in biochem that may or may not be helpful/encouraging.

In order to use fat as an energy source, the human body requires either carbs or protein. The body only stores small amounts of carbohydrate. The body's protein storage is also known as muscle. Not eating enough means you loose muscle tissue.