Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stopping the skid

He drives with confidence

upshifting and downshifting

like a professional driver in a closed course

leaving a cloud of dust and a sportscar logo

in his wake

until he is distracted

second-guesses himself


and hits an unseen gravel patch

the mountain road he so expertly manuevered

becomes a terrifying track

as he struggles to regain traction


second-guesses himself

and for a moment

he takes his hands off the wheel

in panic

in surrender

but the moment passes

he regains composure

decides he will not give up

and let the force of physics drag him

over the edge and down to the valley floor

so he grits his teeth

grips the wheel

prays with the strained whispers

and unvoiced screams of a dying man

and tries to stop the skid


This is me, gripping the wheel and stopping the skid.

I don't have an official weight for you, but i think i gained back about half of what i lost.

I let a lingering foot injury and my own poor reactions to external stressors determine my actions, so I haven't been to the gym in weeks. I'll be there tomorrow morning at six.

Official weigh-in back on, on Monday.

Over Easter weekend, I'll be committing to a trainer/nutritionist. I need professional coaching if I'm going to succeed in these early stages of the journey back. I'm currently looking at my options. If you have suggestions, comment or email.

Day 1: Going back to basics. I need to win today.


Rachael said...

Glad to hear you're getting back on the horse. Just take it one day at a time. Good luck!

Sarah said...

great idea Dave. I know we're more like acquaintances, but I really admire what you are doing, and encourage you to keep walking it out.