Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 13 Weigh-in: Just Trying to Get Back into the Swing of This.

Week 13 Weight: 495.6 pounds.

Four pounds gained over the last three weeks or so. I'm glad it's not more. But that means I'm down to a net loss of 8.4 pounds since January 3. Three months of back-and-forth. I'm trying to spin it in my head as "a sustained loss," but it's a slide backwards.

I'm in a tricksy headspace right now. Yesterday, in response to some personal frustrations, I totally emo-scarffed a DQ Reese's PBCup blizzard. Blatant self-medication. Then I sat in my apartment and watched several hours of Mad Men and just tuned out of the world for a bit.

It's all connected. The weight-loss struggle/surrender affects the mental and emotional state. Which increases the stress level. Which triggers the unhealthy coping mechanisms. Which sabotage the weight-loss efforts. Ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

I'm making an appointment with the therapist/counsellor guy i used to see. He's really good at asking me the questions i'm not asking myself. That helps, especially in times like this when i'm so twisted around the axle mentally that I don't even know how to begin fixing what's obviously out of whack.

Foot Update: Been wearing a medical boot for the past five days to immobilize my foot/ankle so that the tendon inflammation can go down. Foot feels better. Calf hurts mightily. Will be wearing the boot until Easter, at which time, as stated previously, I'm definitely signing up for some sort of personal training/coaching to get the exercise thing going.

Okay, that's it, back to work.

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