Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Biggest Loser" Commentary: Temptation Challenge

Something I meant to talk about, from last week's show (Week 3):

First, seems like everyone had a low week. The initial huge losses are now being followed by a small loss. It's easy to get disheartened. I'm going through it too. (Though obviously, I was doing other stuff that caused my gain.) But it's a good thing to remember. Even people who put up big numbers on a regular basis have small weeks.

So, the Blue Team made a couple of really bad decisions last week. First, they voted off Jerry. Dumb, dumb, dumb. He was the one who'd lost the most weight, and who'd been a true team captain. My prediction is that they are now going to be less focused, and there will be more in-fighting.

The bigger mistake last week involved the "Temptation" challenge. Basically, they were sent one-by-one into a room with a bunch of really deliciously-looking forbidden food, where they had to stay for 4 minutes before leaving. They were told that the person who consumed the most calories would get a 3-lb pass to add to their weight loss at the upcoming weigh-in.

There was some miscommunication, and two Blue Team members ended up indulging in the food, each consuming over a thousand calories in the space of that four minutes. The "winner" of the challenge ate almost 1900 calories. (Turns out, she would have lost the most weight on her team, even without it.) And with all the talk of "for the team," I couldn't help but recognize the greedy look in their eyes. I've worn that look myself, I'm sure, countless times. And I lost sympathy for them in that moment. I almost felt like they were transgressing, in a sense. Betraying their mission.

Here's my question: If I'm on a show where losing weight and learning to eat right is the goal, why the heck would I jeopardize this progress by pigging out "for the sake of the team"? If I had to go into that room, I would have grabbed a chair as far away from the food as possible to wait out my required time.

That's the kind of tenacity I would have to have. Or, do have to have. I didn't have it this weekend, and I'm furious with myself about it. These have to be lifestyle choices, decisions that I keep having to make every day, because it's the smart thing to do and it's what's best for me.

Temptations are going to come, on this diet. But I can't make excuses about how it's "okay" this time or that time. I can't get in the habit of justifying pigging out. Because all it does is set me back and weaken my slowly strengthening resolve.

So yeah, that's the craziness that transpired last week. I'll give you an update tomorrow with my thoughts on tonight's new episode (at 7:30 CST, if you want to watch with me).

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Jennie said...

I couldn't believe they voted off Jerry. Craziness.