Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week Si--errr, Seven Weigh-In: Get Back, JoJo

Starting Weight: 477.4 lbs
Week 7 Weigh-in: 465.0 lbs
Weekly Gain: 0.4 lbs
Total Loss: 12.4 lbs


I took a week off and didn't weigh in. I used my birthday as an excuse. That was dumb.

So was eating too much birthday cake.

But in two weeks, I've gained less than half of a pound, which is a blessing. I think I may be starting to run out of these blessings, and I need to get my butt in gear.

Speaking of in gear, I rode my bike around my apartment complex for about ten minutes yesterday. Not a lot, but it was fun. And cold. I need to bundle up better.

I haven't been counting points. I know. I know. I'm gonna.

Part of the problem is that I didn't really go to the grocery store last week, with all the other stuff going on in the week. I didn't write out my October budget, so I didn't have the cash ready, so I didn't want to go, so I ended up eating out too much. And while I did make a few good choices, I made a lot of bad ones.

Anyway. Here I am. And hopefully tonight, I can get back to where I once belonged--losing 5-7 pounds a week and finally making some progress again.

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David said...

I demand more regular updates. I check this thing twice a week, to see how things are going.