Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 5 Weigh-in: Better Late than Never

Starting Weight: 477.4 lbs
Week 5 Weigh-in: 464.6 lbs
Weekly Loss: 1.6 lbs
Total Loss: 12.8 lbs


It's Thursday, I know, I know.

Despite a half-hearted week, I lost a pound and a half (or, a pound plus the little I gained). And I have to confess, this week so far is the same thing. I'm only half-heartedly committed right now. I don't want to point, I don't want to count, I don't want to limit.

Right now, as I'm typing this, I'm eating a Snickers bar and drinking a verboten root beer. I pointed the bar but not the drink. This is what I'm talking about. Half-hearted.

I need a renaissance of commitment. And I find myself unwilling to do that before Monday. Cuz nobody but nobody wants to point their birthday cake.

Here we are, gang. My first real valley of decision, in this go-round of dieting. (I wanted to type "this last go-round," but right now, I don't have the confidence in myself to say this is the final countdown for me.) This is the point where I fell away earlier in the year. I received the diet with joy, but when the sun rose and scorched the earth, I withered because I had no roots.

So that's my prayer for the week. That this new approach to eating, this new lifestyle, will dig deep roots in me, and find the ground water down there to help it survive and thrive.

I'm tired to death of being a fat man.

(Happy Birthday, BigLoserDave. Give yourself a present this year. Make a change.)


Jen said...

Every day is a new day. You can do this. I believe in you.

*insert more inspirational comments here*

We all know it's not easy. But (you know!) it's worth it.

David said...

Don't give up!