Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dave's a Loser, Too: Post-Workout Blahs (a Waddling Bison After Dark pro...

In which I talk about setting goals, feeling worn down, dealing with emotional lows, and not giving up.

My beard is very red.

I say "um," "uh," and "so" a LOT.

(Musical intro: "Basic Instructions" by Burlap to Cashmere)


Amanda said...

Itotally feel ya...I have been down emotionally this week too. I haven't stopped working out and I have started a great new 6 day diet. But....mentally and emotionally I dont feel connected with what I'm doing. It feels strange after working out and not feeling better mentally. But, like you, I know its because of my random moodiness and dealing with emotional stuff I have that come up from my past to haunt me on occassion. However, I am with you on keeping with with the keepin up of our goals! Glad you found the gym on a gloomy day. =)

Trevor said...

I do believe that this is a spiritual thing. I am trying not to imply that if you are fat you are not right with God. As I have grown in my relationship with God the importance of being a good steward of my body has became for evident and I have seen where it being over weight can be a hindrance in service. Especially when you play rock and roll.