Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 5, Day 2 Weigh-in: Not Really Super.

No change.

I had some momentum at my mid-week weigh-in, but I stumbled through the weekend, and ended up overdoing it on Saturday-Sunday. So.

No change. Still 490.4 (or .2, depending on how the scale is positioned). I'm trying to figure out how to place the scale properly, because my bathroom has slate floor (read: uneven), and where I place the scale affects what my weight reads. But I can't blame scale position for the lack of progress.

I've nailed down two big mistakes I keep making in my no-loss weeks:

1) Not filling out the food journal consistently. We've discussed this before.
2) Drinking calories.

Re: #2, last night after my Monday night Bible Study (a weekly commitment that seems to introduce more dangerous food into my apartment than anything else), I had a couple of two-liter bottles of full-cal soda in the fridge, one almost empty, the other more than half-full. I thought about leaving it, then pulled them out, dumped the almost empty one into the sink and opened the other one. Dr. Pepper--a big weakness of mine. I took one satisfied swig, may have even sighed audibly in satisfaction, then dumped the rest down the drain like an alcoholic trying to get clean. It can't be in my house. That's part of the reason I didn't lose any weight last week--I kept the soda in the house after Monday, and sucked it down throughout the week.

It's not just soda, though. Milk. Juice. I abuse these things, and consume liquid cals on a regular basis. A diet soda, with a Dr. Pepper refill here. A glass of milk to go with my peanut butter sandwich there. It's got to stop, because clearly it's not doing me any favors.

So let's try this for a week, kids: no-cal liquids only, with two exceptions: I have a low-cal Gatorade that I drink during workouts, because I sweat a lot and need to keep my salt levels right. And then I have a protein supplement drink after I work out. Beyond those? Water or no-cal soda only. No juices, no milk, and for goodness sake, no regular soda.

The more water I drink, the better i'll do, anyway.

I'll keep you posted.

Previous/Current Weight: 490.4 (+/-0.2) pounds.
Total Loss: 13.4 pounds

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Rachael said...

Hey Dave,

I totally understand the Dr. Pepper addiction. I used to have at least one everyday, if not more. But last year I made a New Years Resolution to not drink any soda, AT ALL, for a full year. And let me tell you it was a lot easier when I didn't have it in the house. The hardest part for me was turning it down at restaurants or office parties, etc. But I managed to do it. Now I'm addicted to Crystal Light. It's only 5 cal per serving and a really good instead of plain water all the time. I originally only planned on kicking soda for a year. But now I've decided to only drink soda on New Years day. Cuz I really don't need it anyway. Good luck this week! I forgot to weigh in today but I'll get it in soon.