Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 8 Weigh-in: Take a Breath.

Starting weight: 505.4 lbs
Week 8 Weight: 477.8 lbs
Week 8 Change: +1 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 27.6 lbs


I had premonitions. My scale at home doesn't come up with the same weight as the meeting scale. But I noticed that it still wasn't moving in the right direction.  I told myself that it would be fine, it would all work itself out.
One pound gain. 
There are worse things. There are worse weeks.  But I'm still disappointed, because this puts me a week further away from my goal.
I told my meeting leader, who gave me a comforting handshake and encouraged me to not get down about it.  I told him I almost didn't want to eat breakfast, out of guilt, but I knew that would only sabotage me in the end, because i'd overeat at lunch.
So later that morning, as I finished breakfast and sat and moped, I realized I could either feel sorry for myself, or do something productive.  So I went and got all my groceries for the week, and stocked my fridge with healthy food.  Then I went to church and volunteered, handing out school supplies to needy students and families. 
Moping over.  I'm back on track.
What happened? I wasn't tracking closely. Snacking is always the hard thing for me, and I would let some things go.  Also, and this is a bigger issue, I'm still struggling with my one vice: regular soda.  When I was out and about, I'd fill my cup with Diet Coke, and then with Dr. Pepper. I justified it in my mind, but didn't count it against my point totals.  "What's wrong with you? Just cut that stuff out cold turkey!" I can hear the chorus of exasperated voices already. Fine.  I get that.  (Funny, but several of these voices have no problem tying a few on at happy hour, and then rag me for what I drink. Calories are calories, kiddies.)
So this week, I'm getting back to basics. Point everything. Drink water. Avoid all sugared soda. Be more active.
And next week, I'm hoping for a 4-5 pound bounce.


Matt said...

You've been on my google reader list forever, since way back in the early 2000's. I used to work at Rocketown in Nashville (and blogged back then) then left to go to med school. Have since graduated and am in residency in Chapel Hill NC. All that to say that I've still kept up and am writing to say "keep it up". Your honesty is inspiring and your journey matters. Stay strong. Matt

Dave said...

Matt, I really appeciate that, man. And good on you, for pursuing medicine--a noble and worthy profession, and often a thankless one. You keep it up, too.

Jaimie said...

Oh I would say you should cut out soda because it makes you crave sugar. Even Diet Coke. Cutting that out did wonders for my sugar cravings. (This coming from someone who drank Diet Coke for 6 years.)

Drink water or iced tea, or if you need flavor, crystal light (But doesn't that have aspartame too?)

You'll be fine. 1 pound isn't that bad.

Jaimie said...

Oh, and as I told myself when I got a 166 on the LSAT practice test then the next time got a 154... it's not so much about doing good but learning what to do when you do badly, learning how to handle that. It's about playing the long game. Knowing how to play the long game is what helps you in the short game.