Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 10 Weight Loss

Starting weight: 505.4 lbs
Week 9 Weight: 468.0 lbs
Week 9 Change: -6.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 37.4 lbs


Wow. When I saw the number that the lady at the meeting wrote on my card, I said, "Wait--really??"

And how did I celebrate this mondo loss? But eating like a machine last night. Grrr. (Don't worry, I pointed everything.)

So yeah, 12 1/2 pounds away from the 50 lb / 10% landmark.  Looking forward to crossing that line and keeping it going.

Tomorrow starts my C25K.  I'm a little nervous, because i don't like "programs." But it's worth it to get to the goal of finishing a 5K in under an hour.  And also being able to walk from my parking lot 1/4 mile to my building without sucking wind. 

The danger of starting a workout regimen? In the past, I've fallen into the habit of overcompensating with food.  So I'd "eat" all the progress I was making and calories I was burning in the gym.  Gotta keep a close eye on that, starting this week.

Okay, guess that's all I got today.  Have a good week, gang.


Sarah Ann said...

Way to go!

Jaimie said...

I had to learn to celebrate by doing something other than eating. My nutritionist made me figure out something non-food related. For me, it involved going out and buying John Mayer CDs. Or video games or whatever. I think the idea is it's okay to be a little reckless in some other area of your life so you don't lose momentum in the weight-loss area.

Rachael said...

Good job!