Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 12 Weight Loss

Starting weight: 505.4 lbs
Week 12 Weight: 465.2 lbs
Week 12 Change: -2.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 40.2 lbs


Forty pounds, y'all.  Forty pounds. In three months.  I'm a believer in this program.

I think what's helped lately is I'm noticing patterns and behaviors a little better, and when I hit trouble, I look to diagnose and fix the issue rather than throw up my hands in despair and hit the drive-thru. 

I was asked recently if I'm really making lifestyle changes.  And the answer (which I gave a little defensively, I admit) is yes.  There are definitely things I used to do that I don't do now. Things I never used to think about that I do think about.  I'm more careful.  I'm more mindful.

Are things perfect? No.  I'm still sort of undisciplined with food choices, though I'm becoming much more disciplined about writing down real numbers and actual portion sizes.  Do I still grab a Dr. Pepper refill on my Diet Coke once in a while? Yes. I really need to stop, but I guess I haven't been willing to thusfar.  Do I still eat fast food? Yes, though I have been seriously trying to limit my fast food intake. And the time when I struggle the most with the drive-thru temptation?  Not late night--breakfast.  Mornings seem to be tough for me. I'm always running behind, and the convenience of drive-thru (with its giant Diet Cokes) is always tempting.

I stopped going to McDonald's on December 21st of last year.  But I replaced it with Whataburger and Burger King.  When I "banned" them as well on April 1st, Jack in the Box and Sonic stepped up to take their places.  As of last Friday, Jack and Sonic were put on my "no-buy" list.  And I can already tell that Taco Cabana is waiting in the wings. 

But I'm learning.  And it's getting better.

I'm hoping, over the next 3 months, to totally wean myself off of sugary soft drinks and drive-thru breakfasts.  That would be fantastic.  I'm also hoping to start exercising more and more regularly.  (Or just start exercising, period.)

And I know "hoping" is not going to get me there. I need to plan, decide, and execute in order to have success.  But I guess I'm not ready to commit to that yet. The readiness will come, though; I'm sure of it.

In the meantime, I'll just keep being careful about my choices, honest about my points, and hopeful about my progress.  And because the plan works, I'll keep losing.

I'm less than 10 pounds from my 50 lb. milestone.  That will be a good one.

Waddle on, thunderin' herd.


Jaimie said...

Good for you! It's good that you recognize you don't have to do everything perfect all at once. Like, my diet this second time around is more perfect than my first try. You just get better at it, that's all. It's an acquired skill.

Good drive thru breakfast: Chick-fil-a chicken minis, with yogurt. Drink all the Diet Coke you want with that. Oh, and ask for no butter on the chicken minis. It's really not that many calories. (They have a whole wheat bagel and cream cheese, too, but that leaves me hungry.)

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Rachael said...

Hey Dave! I'm so glad to see you posting every week! I can definitely tell that you're changing thru the posts. Keep it up! And remember, reward yourself somehow when you hit 50 lbs. But not with food!