Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dave's A Loser, Too: Addressing the "Biggest Loser" Discussion (Vlog 3)

A quick video addressing the "Biggest Loser" issue that Trevor brought up this week.

AND: I added a comment in Youtube to clarify this, but: About 2:45 into the video, I say that you can't wait for an outside savior to rescue you from being fat. And it's clear within the context that I'm talking specifically about weight loss and the tendency of people to look for outside fixers instead of trying to address their own issues. But this wasn't a theological statement, and I will be clarifying this in the future, so at least anyone following me on Youtube will hear a clearer statement about the "savior" question.

So, like, don't freak out on me and accuse me of apostasy, because that's obviously not what's being said. Thanks.


Trevor said...

Good words! I really appreciate your viewpoint and agree that the The Biggest Loser does show people that really big people can do it. This has been a healthy discussion. I did write and publish my second post on The Biggest Loser before I had a chance to watch this as I was on the road and could not do a video.

Rachael said...

Dude, I soooo feel your pain about being harrassed with food. I work at a Latino Clinic and there is a lady who comes everyday and sells burritos and flautas. And they are soooo good. Keep it up!